Links of the day: Running IPv6 at home

April 20, 2012 at 05:44 PM | categories: IPv6, Links, Linux | View Comments

I have been running IPv6 on my internet servers for over 2 years now, so i thought it was time i take to running it at home as well. I run a couple of Linksys WRT34GL routers with TomatoUSB firmware so getting up and running was trivial.

I used the Shibby Mini IPv6 VPN custom build of Tomato.


The following links should get you up and running in no time.

Dynamic updates

These custom builds have an issue with failing to update the tunnel address (as of 2012-04-20) the dynamic dns update fails with "Unknown error" this is caused by the wrong ping address being configured in the firewall.

I was able to fix it by using a custom script in firewall section to allow the HE broker to ping the tomato router.

iptables -I INPUT -s -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j ACCEPT

Run your own tunnel broker

For the adventurous, you can run your own tunnel broker if you have access to servers with IPv6 assignments

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