Book Review: Introducing Regular Expressions By Michael Fitzgerald

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"Introducing Regular Expressions By Michael Fitzgerald" ; O'Reilly Media

Introducing Regular Expressions By Michael Fitzgerald;

This book is intended as an introduction to regular expressions for readers who have no or limited knowledge of regular expressions. It does this particularly well by addressing all the fundamental concepts of regular expressions and also provides examples on how these concepts can be used to solve real world problems.

A chapter is devoted to each of the concepts, hands on examples are provided and references to various tools and languages in which these concepts can be used. The author makes an effort to introduce the reader to the various tools even experienced users will find this helpful as i did because by reading the book i was able to discover new tools like ack

For readers new to regular expressions this would be an invaluable resource as it gets you started on the concepts and also introduces you to the various tools available as well as provide you with a path to follow to build on the introductory knowledge it provides. For experienced users it may be a worth while read just to brush up on concepts and to discover a few new tools that are not already in your toolbox.

Overall, the book is well written and worth will investment, the only downside was a few grammatical mistakes, which could through off a beginner as the output from the commands will not be what is in the book.

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