Book Review: Think Python By Allen B. Downey

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"Think Python By Allen B. Downey"; O'Reilly Media

Think Python By Allen B. Downey;

Being an introduction to programming using the Python language this book strikes a good balance between explaining the programming theory and translating that into the Python Language.

All the fundamentals of programming are touched on, and there are examples to illustrate these concepts as well as exercises to get the reader to try and solve specific problems since programming is all about problem solving.

The downside for me was that all the examples involved some mathematical concept or formula, not many "real world" examples. Although this is more of an introduction to programming using the python language, i would think python specific concepts like modules and the standard library should have atleast featured even if as appendixes.

All in all, for anyone new to programming this is a great book to start with.

This book begun life as an open source freely available edition so please support the author by purchasing the dead tree version.

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