Book Review: Building a Windows IT Infrastructure in the Cloud

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"Building a Windows IT Infrastructure in the Cloud By David Rensin"; O'Reilly Media

Building a Windows IT Infrastructure in the Cloud By David Rensin;

This book does a splendid job in describing the Amazon cloud products that can be used to provide IT infrastructure in the cloud.

The critical components of IT infrastructure such as DNS, Directory services, Mail, Voice and Instant messaging are covered.

The author takes you step by step through configuring software and cloud components to provide the above services.

The downside is the author makes sweeping factually incorrect statements like he states that there are no free fully featured IPSEC implementations, and yet projects like Strongswan exist which have basically implemented very RFC that exists for IPSEC.

The other glaring omission on his part is the connection of the LAN clients to the systems in the cloud, the VPN setup in the book is a host to host VPN. This basically means you have IT infrastructure that is marooned in the cloud with no clear way to access it from a LAN for say domain logon.

If you are investigating moving your infrastructure to the cloud i would recommend you read it, but note that you will need to do your own homework on how you connect your local users on the LAN to the systems in the cloud.

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