Book Review: Cloud Architecture Patterns By Bill Wilder

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"Cloud Architecture Patterns By Bill Wilder"; O'Reilly Media

Cloud Architecture Patterns By Bill Wilder;

This book is a must read for any one involved in software development particularly cloud based applications.

The book describes the popular patterns used in development of scalable applications, coverage is given to the following.

  • Horizontal scaling
  • Queue centric workflows
  • Auto scaling
  • Eventual consistency
  • Mapreduce
  • Database sharding
  • Multitenancy
  • Busy signal handling
  • Node failure
  • Colocation
  • Valet Key
  • CDN
  • Multi site

These are the patterns developed and used my most of the large web properties. The patterns are explained and real world scenarios presented. Great theoretical presentation of the concepts and ideas. I totally recommend this to anyone involved in Information technology.

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