Book Review: 21st Century C By Ben Klemens

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"21st Century C By Ben Klemens"; O'Reilly Media

21st Century C By Ben Klemens;

This intermediate level book provides guidance on new methods of coding in C as well as identifying the common pitfalls and providing workarounds to them.

The book is split into two sections on dealing with the ecosystem around C development and the second the language itself.

This is not a teach you how to write in C book, users are expected to have a grasp of the language prior to starting out with this book.

The first section covers the development enviroment, issues such as building as well as linking and packaging of software for wide distribution.

Also covered is version control in a short chapter, this is one of the very well written parts of the book, the explanation of the Git version management system in this short chapter puts to shame some of the larger dedicated books on the market.

A short example of bridging other languages with C is provided in form of a C based python module.

The second section deals with the new age thinking around using the C language. And also provides insights in dealing with the know pitfalls of C such as memory management as well as string handling.

Covered in the second section as well are pointers, OO, Structures as well as libraries.

The downside for me was that section 2 should have been section 1 as it is logical to deal with the language first then the ecosystem around it later.

All in all, if you have some C experience of passing knowledge this book will help improve your pedigree. It is however not a book for the beginner.

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